03.    Mint Chip Color Launch

Set design, art direction, and styling

Brand: THINX(BTWN), Thinx’s Tween period underwear line
Associate Art Director: Lily Fulop
Creative Director: Anna Mckenzie
Photographer: Jin Lee

This campaign celebrated a new mint colorway launch for the tween period underwear brand, THINX(BTWN).

Inspired by terrazzo, I created a playful interpretation of mint chip ice cream that included the rest of the brand’s primary color palette. I illustrated the custom terrazzo pattern which was applied to the set as well as the models’ finger nail designs! 

This shoot presented a particular challenge because the underwear cannot be shot on-model like the adult version. This created a fun opportunity to get playful and creative with the way we presented the product through set design. 

All work copyright Lily Fulop 2023.