is a multidisciplinary designer and the author of Wear, Repair, Repurpose. Lily creates visual stories which draw from her diverse experience in branding, editorial design, illustration, and art direction.  She is passionate about sustainability and designing for social good. Formally, Lily’s work is driven by a strong use of color and a sense of tactility, with a goal of inspiring meaningful and joyful interactions. 

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  1. Editorial
  2. Self-Initiated
  3. Surface/Pattern
  4. Art Directed


  1. Editorial and Shopping Collages
  2. Sustainability Posters
  3. Party On Editorial Series
  4. Love and Money Infographic
  5. Instax Feature
  6. Porsche Title Sequence
  7. Misc. Logos and Typography
  8. Macy’s Live Life Loud Microsite
  9. Ulta Beauty Out There
    Features  + Title Sequences
  10. SCAMbition Editorial Series

Thinx Inc. 

  1. Icon Magazine Ads
  2. Midnight Color Launch 
  3. Dusk Color Launch
  4. Icon Holiday Campaign
  5. Mint Chip Color Launch 

Studio Elana Schlenker 

  1. Hacking Finance Website
  2. Alistair Matthews Website
  3. Dusen Dusen Website Refresh
  4. Conveyor Books

Personal Art Practice

           1. Mixed Media Collages, Paintings, Etc.


  1. Wear, Repair, Repurpose: A Maker’s Guide to Mending and Upcycling Clothes
  2. @mindful_mending
  3. Hooked
  4. Serotonin
  5. Remnants


Styling, art direction, and set design for Thinx (BTWN), Thinx’s period underwear brand for tweens and teens. I was the project lead. 

To celebrate the launch of  the new color, called “Mint Chip,” I developed a playful system for the photo set that translated the idea of  ice cream  into  an abstract terrazzo pattern. I utilized the primary colors  of the brand to create a  contrasting backdrop that the new minty color would pop against. I created props  that would allow the models  to enter and interact with the imaginative world  of  Mint Chip.  As a subtle detail, we hired a nail artist to translate the terrazzo pattern into nail polish for the models. (Since the underwear is for minors, the models cannot wear the underwear-- they can only hold it. We saw this constraint as a styling opportunity!)

The assets were utilized on the website and as ads on social media. 

Creative Director: Anna Mckenzie 
Photographer: Jin Lee